Sourcing & Procurement News — February, 2008

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Why Buy Sourcing Tech? To Boost Operational Performance
Companies that have invested in sourcing and procurement technologies did so to improve operational performance and align with CEO objectives, according to AMR Research analysis in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies magazine's 2008 Resource Guide & Executive Yearbook.
Improving operational performance is vital for organizations striving to grow top-line revenue and reduce overall costs. This requires CEOs and their organizations to execute in the present and innovate for the future. Doing so means the CPO initiatives must become imperatives.

The four CPO imperatives identified by AMR Research are:...
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CombineNet Continues Winning Ways with Sourcing Patents
CombineNet, a provider of advanced sourcing and optimization technologies, has been awarded a patent for its methodology to determine winning bids in combinatorial auctions, reverse auctions and exchanges.
Awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Patent No. 7,305,363, "Method for Optimal Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auctions" is CombineNet's...
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Purchasing Organization Eyes Suppliers' Green Policies
Corporate United, which styles itself as the nation's leading group purchasing organization, has extended its environmental concerns outside its four walls. It has begun identifying the green initiatives of its suppliers and encouraging members to take advantage of contracts with sustainability features.
"Responsible, green, sustainable initiatives are now an imperative," says...
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Which Electronics Reverse Auction Is Right for You?
Electronic reverse auctions are well embedded as key supply management tools in today's competitive buying environment. From their origins of delivering savings on commodity items, e-auctions have matured to the point where the vast majority of goods and services can now be sourced faster and at better value with an auction than without an auction. However, in order to take advantage of...
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Outsourcing to a Cheap India? Look Again.
In a country with over a billion people, a worker shortage shouldn't be high on the list of concerns for corporate executives. But India, with the world's second-largest population, has a labor shortage in many industries. Even as Mumbai stock market investors suffer whiplash from the global...
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Tesco's Sourcing Group Implements Solution from Eqos
Eqos Ltd., a provider of on-demand global sourcing, product lifecycle management and supplier management solutions for the retail vertical, says that Tesco is using its sourcing solution.
The U.K.-based retailer built its business in the grocery industry, but more recently has diversified into a wide range of non-food categories, including clothing, consumer electronics and household goods. As the world's third-largest retailer, Tesco...
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TradeCard, Avery Dennison Promise On-Demand Sourcing Tool
Avery Dennison and TradeCard say their new collaboration will deliver visibility and process automation capabilities to retailers, manufacturers and brand owners that source globally. The effort will combine the features of...
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Chrysler Creates 'Super-Sourcing' Alliance Position
Chrysler has promoted its top purchasing executive Simon Boag to the newly created position of vice president of global alliance operations, where he will focus on developing Chrysler's global alliances.
Chrysler has also named John Campi as its new...
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Homeland Security's Container Tracking System Delayed
The U.S. Homeland Security's new online system for tracking the contents of ocean containers, called the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), won't be entirely operational until 2011.
Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has already spent $1.5bn trying to get...
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Can Sourcing Professionals Assess Locations Inexpensively?
Any good global sourcing strategy must address the issue of "location, location, location." But how to evaluate a location and find the best fit for an organization's specific need is the million-dollar question.This is a difficult challenge for all supply management professionals, and especially for those without a global network of advisers on hand. What, then, can these professionals do...
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Free Trial of Aravo Supplier Management Solution
Aravo Solutions Inc., a developer of on-demand supplier management software and services, is offering a free 90-day subscription for supplier registration, profiling, validation and approval. Aravo says the offer of its Supplier Information Management (SIM) product allows up to 5 buyer users to test the product with up to 2000 suppliers.
Supplier information has recently become a flashpoint for...
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