Sourcing & Procurement News — September, 2008

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Companies Stretch Dollars with Sourcing and Procurement Solutions
A recent spending survey conducted by AMR Research shows that companies are increasing their investments in sourcing and procurement solutions. That's no surprise, says AMR Research Director Mickey North Rizza. As the economy causes budgets to tighten, companies turn to these technologies to help make their dollars go farther. Rizza explains the key sourcing and procurement capabilities that companies are acquiring and outlines the steps that enable supply management transformation....
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Procurement--Global Supply Chain Strategy
Marshall L. Fisher, director of Wharton's Fishman-Davidson Center for Service and Operations Management, has been researching issues related to retail supply chain strategy for many years. In this interview, Fisher highlights some of the challenges facing global procurement, and he discusses the example of Luen Thai, a Chinese company that built a giant "supply-chain city," becoming a one-stop shop for...
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Strategic Sourcing Is About a Lot More than Just Sourcing
A critical need is lacking in many organizations' competitive toolkit today: the need for better decision-making and strategy execution in the supply management function. During the 1980s, 1990s and even today, many companies have focused their attention on strategic sourcing--which, in many cases, involves simply reducing one's supply base, squeezing cost reductions out of suppliers through intense negotiations, signing a contract and leaving an internal customer to manage an already strained relationship with the selected supplier(s).
Although cost reduction is certainly one of the major objectives of strategic sourcing efforts, a majority of senior executives are now looking to...
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Companies Struggle to Deploy Best Practices in Public Sector Procurement, Survey Finds
A recent survey by BravoSolution of more than 100 public sector procurement professionals finds that they are struggling to implement best practices in their operations. The main obstacle is a lack of...
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Where Have All the Savings Gone?
Companies commonly over-estimate how much they will save by implementing low-cost-country sourcing strategies, says Beth Enslow, senior vice president for supply chain risk management at Marsh Inc. Compounding this mistake is a failure to understand how inflation and other factors can quickly erode savings that are achieved. Leading companies, she says, are taking a hard look at their sourcing policies to identify potential problem areas. Enslow explains what to look for and how to use technology to make lower-risk sourcing decisions....
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Inovis Issues Software Edition of Actionable Intelligence Tool
Inovis, a vendor of software for business community management, has made available its Actionable Intelligence, Software Edition. Actionable Intelligence is intended to improve transactions between buyers and sellers. It monitors electronic orders, advance ship notifications and invoices against business rules and compliance guides, so that suppliers and retailers can uncover any problems faster. The Software Edition is aimed especially at companies with...
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Faster, Fresher, Cheaper, Better
Big changes are roiling the food and beverage supply chain. The soaring cost of energy and commodities makes it essential that producers cut costs even as they speed up the flow of goods to market, to ensure freshness, innovation and shelf availability. Ann Grackin, managing director of the Supply Chain Intelligence Service of Marsh, lays out these key challenges and proposes ways for coping with them....
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