Supply Chain Visibility — March, 2008

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Perfecting Perfect Orders through Increased Visibility
Is your Perfect Order rate less than perfect? If so, what areas of your extended supply chain warrant the most improvement? Through Supply Chain Visibility solutions, not only can your Perfect Order Fulfillment rate be measured, it can be improved.

The quest of a perfect order is comprised of a journey filled with constant movement and activity, perfectly aligned until reaching the final destination in perfect condition. The odds against fulfilling a perfect order almost seem overwhelming when considering...
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Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Pave the Way for Continual Performance Improvement
As competitive pressures become more intense across the global supply chain industry, companies must seek new ways in which to increase efficiencies within the supply chain. In order to do this, cross-functional supply chain visibility solutions become a critical partner in identifying areas for strategic and tactical performance improvements. For supply chain visibility solutions to be effective, actionable data must be easily accessible and acted upon. Companies that invest in supply chain visibility solutions as an integral part of...
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RedPrairie Devises Collaborative Routing Portal for Inbound Freight
RedPrairie Corp. has released a new Web-based application for coordinating inbound shipments and reverse logistics. The RedPrairie Routing Portal allows users throughout an organization to manage transport-delivery requests and coordinate dock scheduling with carriers. Features including validation,...
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80% of Companies Are Involved In Either Domestic or International Supply Chain Transformation
As part of an industry-wide survey of 805 companies, Aberdeen, analyzed the supply chain executive's strategic agenda, and published a report titled "The Supply Chain Executive's Strategic Agenda 2008".

In this report, supply chain executives were asked to respond to questions about their priorities and strategic intentions across all areas of supply chain management from planning to execution and management. Illustrating key trends in supply chain transformation, fifty-six percent (56%) of companies that participated in the study regard supply chain management as a market strategy differentiator, a customer service differentiator or as a profit center, as opposed to strictly a cost of doing business.

Against this backdrop, the top 3 pressures driving companies to focus on supply chain transformation today are...
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Kraft Foods Applies Product Innovation Concepts To Supply Chain Processes
Kraft Foods wanted to more closely collaborate with its customers and involve them as co-designers of supply chain value. To accomplish this, it turned to proven concepts from the world of product innovation and design.

Supply chain managers at Kraft Foods had identified a goal that they believed would lead to competitive advantage: actively involve customers as "value creation co-designers." They envisioned a new culture based on enhanced collaboration and innovation that would drive step changes in targeted supply chain processes.

The question was...
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Kinaxis Launches On-Demand RapidResponse for Demand Management
Kinaxis Inc. has created RapidResponse for Demand Management, an on-demand software tool to help companies balance the dual goals of customer satisfaction and improved operations performance. Formerly RapidResponse for Fulfillment, the new product allows users to make daily changes within their sales and operations planning (S&OP) horizons. It combines with Kinaxis's RapidResponse for Manufacturing to give supply-chain managers the ability to manage risk, from individual orders or forecast changes down to the component supply level. According to Kinaxis, the software allows companies to...
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