Ocean Transportation News — February, 2009

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Peering Through The Fog of Recession to Spot Logistics Opportunities in Asia Pacific
Gone are assertions that China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region would take on the responsibility for driving global economic growth. Recent economic numbers from some of those countries have been as bad as the figures from anywhere else in the world. For example, Singapore's government now expects its economy to shrink by 2-5% over the next 12 months. Formerly a dynamo of the region due its pivotal position in intra-Asian and global trade, Singapore has been savaged by the drop in consumer demand for its re-export services, the crash in the chemical sector and a fall in sea and air traffic.
Although the port of Singapore reported an overall rise of 7% in container traffic during 2008, the single month of December saw a 14% fall. The experience of Singapore's Changi airport was similar, with a 2% fall in cargo volume for the whole of last year but monthly year-on-year declines of 14.2% in November and 21.4% in December.
Japan's recent performance has, if anything, been worse. Partly as the result of the high value of the Yen, Japan has seen its exports fall by a third. Companies such as Sony, Toyota and Canon are under acute pressure not merely to reduce production but to...
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A 3PL Copes With the "Information Crush"
Dynamic Worldwide Logistics, a third-party logistics provider serving the apparel industry, was having trouble keeping track of incoming containers at ports on behalf of its shipper client base. Obtaining up-to-the-minute status information was proving to be an immense challenge, given the company's limited resources. But instead of adding personnel or burdening existing staff with routine manual tasks, Dynamic turned to Instaknow.com, a vendor of software for supply-chain visibility. The system known as Instaknow-ACE took over the job of monitoring the availability of containers. The application actually "learned" how to query disparate carrier and terminal systems, then brought together all of the relevant data into a single, easily managed platform. In the process, Dynamic was able to...
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Descartes Goes Live With Services to Comply With Customs' 10+2 Rule
Descartes Systems Group has gone live with its new Importer Security Filing (ISF) service. Designed to comply with the "10+2" filing requirement of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the service is available to the 4,000-plus members of Descartes' Global Logistics Network. Effective Jan. 26, 2009, the Customs rule calls for the filing of additional data elements by importers and carriers 24 hours prior to the loading of cargo aboard ships bound for the U.S. Descartes is offering three distinct ISF Service delivery options to its customers. Descartes ISF is a basic Web-user interface, which allows customers to log in via...
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Labelmaster Publishes 2009 Catalog of Regulatory Compliance Products
Labelmaster, the maker of products for regulatory compliance in transportation, has released its 2009 catalog. The publication features hundreds of new products, including labels, forms, placards, shipping supplies, signs and books. A new Sustainability Section features recyclable labels, 100-percent recycled paper labels, soy-based ink forms, recyclable and reusable placards, recyclable packaging, green pallets and bins, recyclable shipping signs and shipping supplies, and tools for water and waste management. In addition, the 576-page catalog for 2009 contains...
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Horizon Logistics Debuts Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Arm
Horizon Logistics, LLC has created a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVO) within its organization, offering international ocean-shipping services to U.S. importers and exporters. As an NVO, licensed by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, Horizon can issue its own bills of lading and public tariffs, drawing on the capacity of vessel operators. First shipments under the new service were scheduled to move...
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You Can't Do Global Compliance and Security By Hand
"I can't see supply chain professionals effectively managing global trade processes in a manual environment any longer," says Rennie Alston, president of American River International, a logistics services provider. Time was that moving cargo cost effectively, timely and safely was your only concern, but not any more. Security rules and regulations mandated by various government agencies make compliance management a requirement for any company today. That calls for senior management buy-in, education and training, assessing your internal policies, breaking down silos in your organization and ensuring that your providers are complementing your efforts, Alston says. Automation is the key....
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OceanSchedules.com Builds New Web Services Into Ship-Schedule Platform
OceanSchedules.com has incorporated new Web-based technologies into its platform for the collection and distribution of real-time vessel-scheduling information. The vendor can now gather data from multiple sources, providing users with schedules and other data for container shipments. For example, a Web services "call" can be made to obtain the most recent schedule data direct from a carrier database. At the same time, a call can be made for additional information such as...
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