Ocean Transportation News — September, 2008

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Ships and Ports Explore Many Ways to Go Green
Issues of congestion, increased pollution and public image are spurring vessel owners and marine terminals to adopt green practices in every aspect of their operations.

Every success carries a price tag. For container shipping lines and ports, the recent boom in global trade has raised the industry's public profile--along with concerns about its impact on the environment.

Ships and ports have joined industrial smokestacks and cars as major symbols of pollution. Commercial harbors are among the biggest contributors to poor air and water quality. Now, in an effort to clean up their public image as well as their operations, major carriers and container ports are going "green" in a big way....
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Transportation & Distribution—Does It Get Any More Important?
There is so much complexity in today's logistics today, and it's no different in the warehouse, says Brad Wyland, senior research analyst with Aberdeen Group. Pressures on warehouse operators include knowledgeable and demanding customers, and a much faster paced supply-and-demand environment. In the middle of that, operators must maintain high delivery performance—and calm. Wyland discusses available technology, process improvements and the right mindset to make it all fall in place....
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Thinking Out Of The Box
The container shipping industry is coming out of its box, so to speak. Long characterized by a bit of a stiff upper lip and generally low profile approach to its daily business, the industry has in recent years been drawn into the limelight as a result of its connection to several newly significant major global issues including security and environmental sustainability.

Shipping interests have been upping their public relations capacity on an individual basis for some time now, but things have gone up a notch with the creation of a new umbrella organization with the self-described aim of highlighting "the importance of the container shipping industry to the global economy and the role it plays in the modern world."...
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Will Rising Shipping Costs Torpedo China's Exports?
On land, high oil prices have ended America's love affair with sport-utility vehicles, forcing carmakers to revamp their product line-ups. In the air, sky-high fuel costs have prompted airlines to raise ticket prices and cut routes. What about at sea? Could rising shipping costs scupper China's export boom?
This question has been much discussed since Jeff Rubin and Benjamin Tal of CIBC, a Canadian bank, issued a memo a few weeks ago saying that a reversal of the great migration of manufacturing operations to China might...
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Cost of Logistics in U.S. Continues to Set Record Highs
The cost of logistics in the United States rose by nearly $100bn in the past year, to $1.4tr, a record high for the fourth-consecutive year and the equivalent of 10.1 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. That represents a jump of 7 percent from the $1.3tr in costs for the previous year, and that's actually good news, since a year ago the increase was in the double digits (11 percent).
"For the second year in a row the U.S. supply chain industry has had to operate in a soft demand environment, with soaring fuel prices and even more pressure to...
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GAC Establishes Ship Agency in Algeria to Support Oil and Gas Sector
The GAC Group has established a new agency operation in Algeria. The head office of GAC Algeria is in Algiers. It provides a full range of ship agency services to vessels calling at the country's main ports, including Annaba, Skikda, Bejaia, Algier, Mostaganem, Arzew/Betioua and Oran. The company's expansion into Algeria was driven by...
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