Warehouse & Inventory Management — December, 2012

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Keys to Fulfilling Multiple Channels from a Common DC
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Jason Denmon
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The Cutting Edge of Robotics in Material Handling
Dave Noble, director of sales and marketing with Seegrid Corp., offers a glimpse into the use of vision-guided robotic industrial trucks in manufacturing and distribution facilities. He also shares his view of the technology's future.
The vision-guided robotic industrial truck “is not your grandfather’s (automated guided vehicle),” says Noble. It navigates by vision rather than lasers, magnets or wires embedded in the floor. Unlike its predecessors ...

Distribution Centers Lose Nearly 3,000 Hours a Year on Unproductive Workflows, Study Says
Recent Intermec research reveals that in the last six months alone, 79 percent of warehouse managers have been tasked with finding an average 19-percent cost saving from existing operations. Despite this mounting pressure to cut costs and the need to find efficiency gains in every process, managers admit to losing time and money through known inefficient workflows.
The survey base of 250 supply chain, warehouse and distribution managers stated that...

OPINION: Taming and Managing Inventory Velocity in a Fast-Paced Consumer World
We are living in a world of speed, immediate accessibility and instant gratification. To keep up with the demand, manufacturers have to procure raw materials, build components, assemble finished goods and physically ship them across the world. Yet they are challenged with shorter and shorter lead times, an unlimited range of finished goods SKUs, selling goods and procuring materials globally and the unending pressure to do more with less. This concept of speed when applied to material replenishment has come to be known as “Inventory Velocity”. There are some principles and practices on how to improve inventory velocity in this complex environment.
Inventory turns vs. Inventory velocity...

Impact of Late or Inaccurate Deliveries Can Be Disastrous, Study Shows
Late or inaccurate deliveries can have a major negative impact on consumers’ future decisions to shop with a retailer online, by phone, or in the store, according to a study released by Voxware.
Six hundred consumers were surveyed on their expectations for delivery of items that they purchase online or by phone during the holiday shopping season and beyond.
Highlights include:...

RFID Solution to Track Equipment Used by Emergency Medical Service Personnel
Equipment Management Service and Repair (EMSAR), a company that services and repairs health-care and medical-services equipment for clients nationwide, is providing an RFID-based solution developed by Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) for its clients to track its assets' locations.
The solution is focused on solving several problems. It helps an emergency medical service (EMS) provider's staff to quickly locate...

Is POS Information Being Utilized to Full Advantage?
The payment point in a retail environment is an under-utilized opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. It says that both retailers and brands could benefit from considering ways to capitalize upon this crucial step in the consumer journey, as apart from driving sales, it is an excellent moment to increase customer loyalty.
Major retailers have already been maximizing sales and executing targeted campaigns...

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