Which Warehouse Management System Do You Need?
You already know that a good WMS is a real-time solution that helps with such functions as shipping, packing and putaway. And you know that voice recognition and RFID technology can be a part of these systems as well. So, what size WMS is right for you?...
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Datalogic Offers New Rugged Handhelds, Vehicle-Mount Computers
Datalogic Scanning has released a new handheld barcode scanner, the PowerScan PD7100 industrial linear imager. The unit is designed for high-volume industrial applications--including manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics--at instinctive reading distances, from contact to long-range. According to the company, it is well-suited for work in progress, forklifts, stocking, shipping, receiving and retail point-of-sale checkout applications in rough environments. The product can perform...
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Big Changes Within the Four Walls
The new breed of warehouse-management system (WMS) software applications offers a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to boost efficiency and perform additional tasks. Brad Wyland, senior research analyst of supply chain management with Aberdeen Group, talks about how companies can take maximum advantage of the latest WMS technology. He offers a number of tips on successful implementation, including...
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Rugged Tablet PCs Help Food Maker in Its Warehouse
Sturm Foods manufactures dry goods such as oatmeal and drink mixes. In March 2007, Wal-Mart informed Sturm that rather than continuing to order pallets of products as it had been, it would begin ordering smaller quantities more frequently. Sturm needed to transition from picking orders by pallets in its DC to picking and shipping by cases....
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Honeywell Adds Wireless Barcode Scanner for Industrial Environments
Honeywell International has released its newest rugged linear barcode scanner, the 3820i Industrial Cordless Linear Imager. The unit is designed for use in manufacturing, backroom retail, warehouse and distribution and extreme industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors. Containing no moving parts, it is equipped with...
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Everyone Has Role in Inventory Planning & Optimization
People not directly concerned with inventory can no longer ignore what goes on in the warehouse or distribution center. Inventory planning is a cross-functional process touching every department these days, says Nari Viswanathan, research director at Aberdeen Group. Viswanathan discusses the role that high-cost fuel plays in siting warehouses today, how forecasting can...
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