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How Smaller Companies Can Conquer Big Data

Big data is threatening to swamp small companies.

How Smaller Companies Can Conquer Big Data

The good news is that there's more data than ever before with which to manage global supply chains effectively. The bad news is that the cost of that effort can be punishingly high. That's not a problem for big multinationals, but how is a smaller entity supposed to keep up? Storage costs alone can be prohibitive. At least until now: new technologies, along with the declining cost of deploying them, are helping smaller competitors to level the playing field. On this episode, we speak with Don Baptiste, chief executive officer of Trax Technologies, who offers guidance on how companies of all sizes can thrive in the age of Big Data without becoming overwhelmed. We learn how they can get started on initiatives to access, cleanse and analyze the rich trove of data that's being generated both within the organization and by a multitude of supply-chain partners. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

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