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Logility Releases Apps for Optimized Planning, S&OP and Mobile

Logility Inc. has made generally available version 8.5 of Logility Voyager Solutions.

Logility Releases Apps for Optimized Planning, S&OP and Mobile

The update includes the deployment options software-as-a-service (SaaS), hosted and on-premise; improved scalability in support of product portfolios and global supply chains, and analytics to visualize key data and compare planning scenarios. Voyage Solutions is a suite of supply-chain applications that address demand, inventory and replenishment planning; sales and operations planning (S&OP), manufacturing planning and scheduling; supply and inventory optimization; transportation planning and management; and warehouse management. In another new company announcement, Logility has unveiled Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning. The tool provides a holistic view of planning across the business, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, suppliers and customers. It ties strategic, tactical and operational activities into one business plan, allowing for rapid simulations from in-memory processing, and real-time analytics to ensure demand and supply segmentation. Logility also announced Logility Voyage Thumbprint, a mobile application designed for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Capabilities include mobile collaboration for consensus sales planning, real-time delivery of supply-chain analytics, role-based alerts and notifications on key performance indicators, and management of the S&OP process, utilizing live data.

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