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Managing Your Freight Spend In The Age Of Big Data

Without effective freight-cost management, you're leaving millions of dollars a year on the table.

Managing Your Freight Spend in the Age of Big Data

The age of big data, coupled with the global nature of most supply chains, has made the job of managing freight spend tougher than ever. It's no longer sufficient just to be able to pay one's bills (as if that task were easy). Companies today need to incorporate sophisticated analytics into their freight management. On this episode, we speak with Henry Trujillo, logistics manager with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, about the challenge of freight-cost management in the 21st century. He reveals how HPE is adopting cutting-edge techniques to identify anomalies and excess cost in its global freight spend. Proper cost management, he says, can optimize one’s carrier base, while racking up significant savings in the process. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

This episode is sponsored by Trax Technologies.

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