New Validation Solution Ensures Data Accuracy and Avoids Shipment Delays

Challenge: For a major luxury apparel retailer, missing and inaccurate data in its suppliers' Advance Ship Notices (ASN) caused shipment delays, lost time spent finding and correcting errors, and bad data polluting the retailer's ERP.

Solution: InterTrade's First Gate Validation (FGV) solution instantly alerts suppliers of non-compliant ASNs, highlights erroneous field(s) and requires corrections before the data can be resent to the retailer. The retailer is notified and can also view details about the invalid transactions before reaching they reach the ERP.

Results: For this retailer, FGV has lowered operational costs by preventing shipment errors, reducing delays and getting goods to market faster. Data accuracy has greatly improved, and the detailed information about faulty transactions acts as needed validation for vendor chargebacks and scorecards. Real-time alerts and error details now allow vendors to make immediate corrections, avoid shipment delays and maintain healthy business relationships with their retail customers.

About the Solution Provider: InterTrade provides innovative B2B e-commerce solutions that optimize supply chain collaboration. We enable businesses to quickly connect to their trading partner communities and easily exchange EDI electronic business documents. Our solutions include VAN connectivity for simplified document exchange as well as Electronic Catalogs for product data synchronization between suppliers & retailers.



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