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ERP & Enterprise Systems

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Automotive Parts Supplier Decides SaaS-Based ERP Makes More Sense for Its Far-Flung Operations

When auto parts supplier Inteva Products LLC spun out from its parent company Delphi in 2008, CIO Dennis Hodges was left standing in a heap of legacy ERP equipment.

Inteva's global manufacturing facilities, engineering sites and Troy, Mich.-based headquarters were each running multiple stand-alone servers. As Hodges explains, "the servers were anywhere from five to eight years old and difficult to keep running and patched."

It was a critical juncture for the fledgling company, which creates closure, interior and roof systems. Its 8,000 workers in 18 countries depend upon data from the ERP system, so it's choice came down to becoming entrenched in a $15m SAP in-house infrastructure project or head to the cloud.

Hodges says the logical choice was to go to the cloud.

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